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Nintendo NX Review And Games Guide

Nintendo NX is the newest video game to be released by the gaming giant Nintendo. This was the newest to be released by the company after Wii U was released about four years ago. The video game is described as a dedicated games platform with a brand new concept. It is expected that when it hits the market, it will bridge the gap between mobile gaming and home gaming.

Nintendo NX Review


Since the announcement of the launch of the new gaming console, little information has been provided about its specifications, final design and so on. This means that most information available about the system are speculations.

The new product is going to be a home system, which you can easily use by plugging it to your television and enjoy it, just like other gaming software. In addition, it is expected to be accompanied by handheld devices. This will make it possible to enjoy the system even if you were not in the house.

Nintendo NX: Release date

There have been speculations about the release date for the new Nintendo NX. It was speculated that the much-awaited gaming video would hit the market in July, and that at that time, it was expected that at least 20 million units of the product would have been available for sale in the next 12 months. That date was not to be as another rumor started making round. The release date was later shifted to 2016 because of the enormous work expected to be done. It was expected that the new video game would enter the market during the holiday period. The 2016 date was reinforced by a statement issued by IHS Technology, which is playing a major role in the production of the flat panel display stated something about the new hardware making it to the market in 2016.

It appears that the launch date will hold in 2017. Macquarie Capital Securities made the first hint of 2017 launch date. This organization is based in Japan. To put the record straight, Nintendo has come out to debunk the current misinformation about the release date by stating categorically that it would not be ready until March 2017. This put to an end the speculation that it would be shown at the E3 2016. Since the company made the official release date, the much-expected Nintendo NX would be available as from March 2017 when it would be launched officially.

Nintendo NX Guide

Nintendo NX Guide – When it comes to the gaming interface, Nintendo is known for leading the pack as you can see from its SNES with their shoulder buttons. It is expected that there would be great innovation in Nintendo NX when it eventually enters the market. Most information available about the guide is speculations because there is no complete and official release on how the guide would look like. It is expected that in the new game would feature an interface where the pad screen would be changing as the game changes. This means the screen color would depend on the game that you play. This is known as a free form screen, and it is believed that the third party developer behind this is Sharp. It is assumed that sharp started working on this project with Nintendo for more than two years now.

There are other speculations that it would feature a full screen haptic feedback. This is to make it handy on screen virtual buttons and this will make it look like a real one. Moreover, it could feature rotate shoulder buttons.

It was also revealed that some NX kits that would be used for the game are already in the developmental stages by third party developers. There is even speculation in some quarters that it will make Legend of Zelda a title for one of the games to be launched under NX. There is also another rumor that it is going to adopt the same strategy used in Twilight Princess. This may be real because GameCube confirmed it.

Another strong rumor making the round is that the gaming giant is trying to make a series of Wii U to become part of the new NX. Others expected to make the new game include Smash Bros 4, Splatoon, and Super Mario Maker and so on. This simply means that this new product is going to be packed with interesting games.

Nintendo NX Review

Nintendo NX Review – This device should be expected to do better than the immediate product that was launched before it. Experts are expecting that Nintendo must have learnt from the flaws found in Wii U and improve on the performance of the previous video games.
It is expected that the new video game is going to be more user friendly with a better user interface. It is expected that the color display is going to be different from the previous editions. The display will depend on the type of game you play.

Moreover, the product would have both home use and mobile values. It is not clear as to whether the two versions would be produced at the same time, but what can be said is that people are going to enjoy it most because just start a game from the home and finish it elsewhere through the mobile version. This is a great innovation.


  • It is expected that the price of the new game when it is eventually released would still be $299 or thereabout. This will make it compete with its competitors from Sony, PlayStation and so on.
  • It can be used in the home and can be used outside the home through a handheld device.


  • Nintendo has kept the world waiting for too long about the product.

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