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Nintendo NX Patent Revealed

September 29, 2016 | News

Nintendo NX Patent Revealed

Last Mid-July 2016, there is a report about detachable and portable new Nintendo NX controller. A few months later, a patent revealed and it was convinced as NX controller.

The first who recognized this patent were the NeoGAF site visitors, where the patent was written that it has been made since January 2016. The patent was described as an accessory that can be attached on the outside of the “information processing device.”

Nintendo NX Patent

Based on the illustration of the company, the controller is installed on the side part of the portable Nintendo NX console. As quoted by detikINET from IGN, Friday (12/8/2016), the controller not only uses electric signal, but it also has an ability to send information to the console using infra-red camera which is later on can read the buttons’ movement.

The device which is convinced as NX controller is described to have four buttons on it. while the other tablet-look-like device has two buttons at the top and two navigation buttons on the right and left side.

However, it is all about a patent. It is not sure that this will be used by Nintendo or it is only an investment for the future.

This is not the first news about the release of Nintendo NX patent. There were so many patents appearance convinced belong to Nintendo NX.

Nevertheless, if we try to connect this with the recent Nintendo NX Rumors, it is not impossible if NX will be a portable console created by Nintendo to be easily bring and play it anywhere without sticking in front of the screen, like it is mentioned in the patent above.


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